Shell Scheme Package & Name Board details | 标准展位信息

Shell Scheme Packages 标准展包装

Standard Stand Inclusions:

  • Shell stand (2.4m wall high)
  • Fascia Sign – Company Name Board (see below)
  • Charcoal Carpet Flooring
  • x2 Track Spotlights (23w per 9 sqm)

Along with each Shell Scheme we have also included a standard furniture Walk on Package which includes:

1 x Lockable Counter
1 x Expo round table
3 x Chairs
3 x Shelves

Refer to the Shell Scheme Specifications sheet for all your booth inclusions

  • Exhibitors have a choice of colour BLACK or WHITE Walk on Package.
  • Exhibitors must also select prior who many and where they would like their shelves to be placed

Please Note: Shell scheme stands are provided with x1 power point each which will be located at the back of the stand. If you require additional power for your stand, please contact your agent.


  • 摊位壳体支架(2.4米高)
  • 招牌-公司名称牌(见下文)
  • 炭色地毯地板
  • x2 轨道聚光灯(每9平方米23w)


  • 1个带锁柜台
  • 1张圆桌
  • 3把椅子
  • 最多4个货架(视情况而定)


  • 展商们可选择黑色或白色的家具。
  • 展商们必须事先选择货架摆放的位置。


Name Board Requirements 招牌-公司名称牌

The name entered in your Company Profile will be used on your name board, on the show app and within the show guide. Please note this name must comply with the conditions listed below, if it doesn’t comply Diversified reserves the right to alter your name to meet the conditions listed below:

  • no more than 30 characters
  • names on fascia will be listed in all UPPER CASE Characters
  • company names that feature Co, Bros, PTY, LTD will have their company name shortened to just feature the company name
  • if the name is not provided the name will just feature the company name listed on the contract
  • alteration or removal of the fascia & name board on site will incur an additional cost to the exhibitor



  • 公司名称不能超于30个字符, 用大写字符列出
  • 公司名称将缩短为总名称 – 去除后缀 ”有限公司,Co. 等“
  • 若是未填写公司名称,名牌上将会显示合同中列出的公司名称


Stand Signage

Exhibitors can bring their own signage for their stand such as posters, advertisements, etc. If you need to print signage in Australia, please contact the agent.

展商可以使用已经印好的海报,  标牌,广告牌等。如果您需要在澳大利亚本地印制标牌,请联系代理商CIEC。