Furniture Hire | 展具绿植预定

Furniture & Accessories Hire

If you have purchased a shell scheme, we have already included in your package the following items:

  • 1 x Lockable Counter
  • 1 x Expo Round Table
  • 3 x Chairs
  • Up to 4 x Shelves (subject to availability)

Please see attached shell specifications document.

If you have purchased a custom stand, please refer to your specific package for the items included.

If you require any more additional furniture, display or storage equipment, or decorations for your stand on top of this, please contact your agent.


  • 1个可锁柜台
  • 1张圆桌
  • 3把椅子
  • 最多4个货架(视情况而定)


如果您需要更多的家具,装饰或储存设备,请联系您的代理商 CIEC。