Onsite Staff | 现场人员安排要求

Onsite Staff

Exhibitors are reminded each stand must have at least one ENGLISH speaking member of the team on site at all times during the move in and move out of the stand.


Exhibitors are also reminded

  • Do not consume food on your stand during show times
  • Do not bring in your own food into the venue
  • Do not leave rubbish on the ground during the show; either in or around your stand. There will be rubbish bins provided around the show floor


  • 展会期间,请勿在展位上进食
  • 展会期间,请勿带自己的食物入场
  • 展会期间,请勿在展台内外乱扔垃圾。请将垃圾扔进展会提供的分类垃圾桶内。