Accommodation, Travel & VISA Requirements | 住宿、旅行和签证需求

Accommodation, Travel & Visa Requirements

Accommodation and Travel has been organised through your agent CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Please contact CIEC directly with your requirements.

VISA & Passport Requirements

Australia has strict visa requirements for many overseas visitors. Please check with CIEC or the Australian Consulate to confirm your visa requirements at least six weeks before travelling.

For more information about your visa requirements please visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Please Note:

  • Refunds will not be given to exhibitors who fail to obtain a Visa.
  • International exhibitors requiring an invitation letter to obtain a visa are to contact the agent CIEC. You will be asked for your passport and company details.
  • Invitation letters will be written for those exhibitors working on the stands only, and does not include general attendees visiting the show only.


中展海外展览有限公司(CIEC)将负责收集您的住宿和旅行需求,如您有任何特殊需求请直接联系 CIEC



了解更多签证的相关信息, 请访问澳大利亚内政部的官方网站


  • 未成功获得相关签证的参展商将不予退款。
  • 为办理签证而需申请邀请函的参展商请先联系CIEC, 您将被要求提供护照及公司信息。
  • 邀请函仅提供给展位的工作人员, 不包括参加展会的普通游客。