Gas | 场馆燃气需求


All Clients or Exhibitors wishing to utilise gas cylinders or appliances must obtain written approval from the organiser not less than 30 business days from the event. Each application will be assessed with the safety of the patrons as its prime concern. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) reserves the right to accept or reject any application.

Gas cylinders found and delivered onsite may be refused if the delivery was done without prior approval or if the representative of the exhibitor in attendance is not present to accept the cylinders.

The following are general guidelines:
– Storage cylinders shall not exceed 9 Kg in size.
– Maximum of 2 per stand.
– The installation and connection is to be carried out by an installer licensed to carry out such work
– All gas cylinders are to be removed from the exhibition area each night.

For more information please contact the Operations Manager.





  • 气储不能超过 9 公斤
  • 每家展台上最多使用 2 个气罐
  • 安装和连接等工作仅能通过专业持有相应资质许可的安装员来进行
  • 在夜间,全部气罐将必须从展区移出