Plumbing – Water, Waste & Compressed Air | 管道、废物及水处理和压缩空气信息

Plumbing - Water, Waste & Compressed Air

Water and waste services and compressed air are only available on some stands. If you require these services you should check with the Operations Manager that they are available on your stand.

Please note due to the location of services within this venue it is crucial all services are booked no later than 28 days out from the show so if you require these services, please contact us as soon as possible.

The exhibition is looking to reduce waste and recycle where possible, we would encourage you to think about what you are bringing onsite and whether or not it can be disposed of. As part of your exhibition package, we have included a waste removal service post show however during the show please be mindful of not leaving too much rubbish on the floor.




展览旨在减少浪费并尽可能地回收利用,您需要考虑将要带到现场的物品以及后续如何处理。 作为展览服务的一部分,我们将提供展览后废弃物处理的服务。在展览期间,请注意不要在地板上留下垃圾。