Catering, Food & Beverage Account Cards | 餐饮一卡通申请

Catering, Food & Beverage Account Card

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has the exclusive rights to supply and sell any food and drink for consumption within the venue. A range of take-away items will be available from the food outlets within the exhibition halls.

Approval from Diversified is required for on stand catering functions held outside of the normal operational hours of the exhibition and also for catering functions held outside of the perimeter of your stand. If you are planning to do this, please contact the Event Coordinator

If you are planning to sample any food products (give away food or beverage samples) also please contact the Event Coordinator

Exhibitors can also apply for an Account Card with the MCEC and use this to purchase food and beverage from venue cafes. This pre-paid card is used like a debit card and is handy for hosting guests or for when you need to grab some food on the run.

For further information about on stand catering options and/or organising an account card visit the MCEC website and download the Catering Guide or contact the MCEC Exhibitor Services Team.


墨尔本会展中心(MCEC)拥有在场馆内供应销售全部食品和饮料的独家权利。场馆内外有各种小型的咖啡餐厅为展商家和游客们提供一系列外卖商品 。

若是有任何展商想在展台上或展台周边行举任何餐饮活动,请联系CIEC 获得活动协调员的批准。